TX16Wx Software Sampler

TX16Wx Software Sampler is a plug-in for the creative musician, inspired and modeled after the best hardware samplers with all the ease and new exiting features of modern software.

Features at a glance

Extensive sound shaping

  • Two resonant 6/12/24dB multimode filters
  • AHDR/AHDSR envelope
  • Pristine sound quality playback engine with high quality playback/mixdown modes
  • All sound parameters fully automated
  • The worlds only sampler with multi-mode polyphonic glide

File browser and active preview

  • Quick browsing of sample libraries with preview playback and non-destructive loading of sound elements
  • Set up bookmarks and search paths to quickly find and reference source material
  • Reads WAV, AIFF, Ogg, FLAC and Yamaha waves
  • Loads Sound fonts, SFZ, Akai and EXS formats

Record your own samples

  • Samples sounds from DAW input or internal bus[1]
  • Threshold, transport and MIDI CC triggering
  • Automatic pitch- and loop detection and keyboard mapping
  • MIDI generator for re-sampling internal or external instruments[1]

Complex trigger switching

  • Revolutionary sample matrix lets you trigger samples in two dimensions based on any modulator or external source
  • MIDI key based, round-robin, random or modulator based group triggering
  • Region cross-fading

Built-in arpeggiator

  • Multiple switchable patterns
  • Up, down, up-down random and polyphonic mode
  • Preset manager
  • MIDI import

Unlimited modulation

  • Two LFO:s, two envelopes and three step sequencers per voice
  • Modulation matrix connects any modulator or MIDI/automation source to any sound element
  • Two-level modulation with base and additional controller
  • Tempo and voice synchronization of LFO and step sequencers
  • Selectable velocity- and mapping curves with user-editable shape

Powerful mapping editor

  • Automatic keyboard layout of samples
  • Unlimited sample groups and regions
  • Mute/solo groups or regions to reduce clutter
  • Join, split and combine groups quickly
  • Drag & drop copy/paste between programs and groups
  • Region cross-fade and alignment

Wave editor and beat slicer

  • Non-destuctive realtime cross fade
  • Loop overlay and automatic detection
  • Built-in DSP and edit operations
  • Interactive loop slicer with automatic keyboard layout

Send- and insert effects

  • Insert on every sound shaping block
  • Automate and modulate FX parameters
  • Flexible signal routing with full automation

Powerful modern features

  • DFD playback engine
  • Time-strech and pitch-shift modes (Pro only)
  • Full undo support
  • Re-sizable interface
  • 64-bit support
  • Supports Windows & Mac
  • Audio Unit, VST 2 & 3 and AAX format

[1]Host dependent feature

It is 100% free!

You heard it right. No catch, no limitation. This is a free plug in. All the power, and none of the cost. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and you too can enjoy a real sampler today.