TX16Wx Software Sampler

- Brings Back the Joy of Sampling

Frequently asked questions

Please take time to also read the TX16Wx manual. It provide answers to most usage questions not mentioned here.
The support forum also contains many answers and tips.

  • What are the system requirements for TX16Wx?
    Win: Windows XP sp3 or higher.
    Mac: OSX 10.7 or higher
  • I installed the plug-in. Where is the software located?
    TX16Wx installs to these locations by default:

    • Win VST: – default \Steinberg\VSTPlugins (Customizable in the installer)
    • Mac VST: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
    • Mac AU: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/AU
  • Can I run TX16Wx stand-alone?
    No. TX16Wx is only available as a plug-in. On windows you can use the excellent SAVIHost application to achieve much the same thing though.
  • Does TX16Wx do disk streaming?
  • Does TX16Wx come with a sample library?
    No. But check out the links page for some third party providers.
  • I am getting volume/CPU spikes when playing sounds!
    Make sure you have not enabled a too high sample interpolation mode, such as SINC128, for all sounds. These can use a lot of CPU and are best used only in offline renders.
  • I am trying to sample into TX16Wx but I don’t get any sound!
    Sampling in TX16Wx requires the host to route audio input to the plug-ins inputs. Not all hosts support this (though all plug-in formats do).
  • Does TX16Wx work with ?
    Maybe. Not all hosts can be fully tested, and not all the time. In general TX16Wx works fine in all VST and AU hosts, though some features, such as sampling might not be possible due to routing constrictions.In other cases, hosts might exhibit graphics issues or even lock-ups. Information and solutions to such problems can often be found in the support forum.
  • I am running an older version of OSX. Can you provide a TX16Wx that works there?
    No. Apples frameworks and libraries are only so much backwards compatible, and since TX16Wx uses fairly modern language and OS features, the minimum OSX version supported is 10.7.
  • Is there any binary difference between TX16Wx and TX16Wx Pro?
    No. The two use the exact same binary. Only the enabled feature set differs.
  • Can I try TX16Wx Pro before I buy it?
    YES! And you should do so. Go to the settings page and tick the “Use TX16Wx Pro Features” check box. TX16Wx will now operate in Pro mode for a limited evaluation time.
  • If I buy TX16Wx Pro, can I change my mind and get a refund?
    No. The license issued is non-revocable so there is no way to return the purchase. All TX16Wx Pro sales are final.
  • Can I re-sell my TX16Wx license?
    No. Licenses are personal and assigned to a name/email.
  • I think I’ve found a bug / I have a feature request!
    Please write a message in the support forum clearly describing the issue or feature request. We try to reply as soon as possible.