TX16Wx Software Sampler

- Brings Back the Joy of Sampling

TX16Wx Professional - even more power

TX16Wx Professional is the commercial expansion of the TX16Wx. It adds many advanced features and capabilities to the instrument, making the already great sampler even more awesome. Built-in effects, signal routing, trigger switching and the unique and revolutionary wave matrix gives you limitless power at an almost indiscernible price.

TX16Wx Professional uses the same binary as the free version. Activate the pro features in the plug-in settings page to evaluate them.

TX16Wx Professional is very reasonably priced, and does not contain any intrusive copy protection.

  • Per-group switchable hi-quality sample interpolation
    • Hermite, Sinc 32/64/128
  • Built-in send effects
    • Fully automated sends and effect parameters
  • Matrix Wave Switcher / Editor
    • Configure triggering of different samples in a grid-based mapping layout based on any external or internal MIDI or modulation source, random triggers or round-robin.
    • Simplifies advanced layering and expressive sample setups with hierarchal mapping.
    • Maps into group keyboard layouts like regular samples
    • Can be combined with group switching for unlimited expressiveness
  • Group trigger switching
    • Note-on conditional triggering based on MIDI controllers, modulation or automation,
    • Round-robin, random, tempo and key-based conditions.
  • Group cross fading
    • Velocity or key based.
  • Advanced auto mapping
    • Name token based wave mapping.
    • Keep presets for different libraries.
  • Insert processing
    • Insert parameters can be controlled with modulation
    • Additional Filters
  • Advanced output management
    • Switch outputs between mono/stereo
    • Route signals to multiple outputs